Is lying on a resume a crime?

These days the job market is pretty competitive and a lot of people find themselves out of work for a considerable length of time. When this happens there is a lot of temptation to lie on your resume in order to improve your chances of getting a job. The question then becomes is it a crime to lie on you resume?

As a general rule lying on your resume is not a crime however there are situations where it could be. The most likely reason that you would get into trouble for lying on your resume would be if you were to claim to have a license to do something when in fact you don't. If you send out a resume for a job as an airline pilot and you in fact don't have a pilot's license then you may have a problem. Even then however the real crime would to actually fly the plane without the license rather than putting it on your resume.

The other situation where you could be breaking the law by lying on your resume is if you are actually committing fraud. Again this has less to do with what you actually put on your resume than it does with using false documents to back it up. For example if you claim to have a degree from a certain college then you are not breaking the law however if they ask to see a diploma or transcripts to prove it and you fake these then you are breaking the law.

While lying on your resume is not generally a crime it is still not something that you are going to want to do. The temptation can be pretty strong especially if you have been out of work for awhile. The problem is that lying on your resume rarely works out well. Employers these days are well aware that a lot of people do put things that aren't true on their resume. It is pretty easy for them to check on whether what you have said is true and most will. Rest assured that if you are caught lying on your resume you will not be getting the job.

The other thing that you need to be careful about if you lie on your resume is that you may get the job only to lose it later when the truth comes out. There have been a lot of high profile cases recently where people have gotten fired from their jobs because they had lied on their resume. When this happens it can be especially problematic because it will make it nearly impossible to get a new job. You can be pretty certain that any future employers will call your last employer for a reference. Once they hear that you were fired for lying on your resume your chances of getting a job are not going to be good.